Hi. We are Alkemist.

The internal changes in "The Worst", our first agency, which was operational from 2016 until mid 2019, have been a direct push towards developing a new brand. 'Alkemist', obviously is in many ways a continuation of "The Worst". Or 'The Worst 2.0' - smarter, better, older and more experienced version of our first agency. 

The main reason behind the design of our new website and blog is clarity in communication. We want people to know how we work, what we work on and how our creative process looks like. 
Much like the way we do our actual work, we didn’t want any fuzz. Reading a post or scrolling through a website should be a simple, easy and fun experience without constant pop-ups, distractions, and information about a new promotion. 

So, here you and we are. This is post number one on our blog. We plan to post here only when we have actually something to say about how we work and function as a company, not just because some schedule says so. Enjoy!