Like real alchemists, we want to make gold. No, not gold-gold. Digital Gold.
Alkemist is a small experience design studio, based in Oslo, Norway. Through graphic design we create beautiful experiences and deliver great products.
What do we do?
Do you need a website? A digital prototype? A fresh new visual profile? Or maybe you are struggling to navigate the world of social media and need some graphic content? Don't worry, we can help. We are fluent in the world of digital design, UX/UI and graphic design. Just get in touch and together we can map out what you need and a timeframe for delivery.
Workshops are tailor made for your needs. They are all focused on 3 main areas: brand creation and recognition, fluency in Social Media and visual communication. Through our workshops we can sit down with your team and give a basic understanding of digital design and how to utilise it within your company. Best suited for small and medium companies.
For companies with an established market position. We will come into your business and bring fresh perspective into further developing the branding, visual profile and digital communication of your products and services. This package is customised and tailored to the client's needs and budget.
Alkemist, a team of two
We are dedicated yet easy-going and consider ourselves great creative allies. We work in a dynamic and effective way. By playing with new ideas and experimenting with the available tools and solutions, we push ourselves in what we can. Some might say our process is a bit unique and different. Well, thank you. At the end of the day, our goal is always to create a great product.
Where to find us?

We have a nice little office at Greenhouse in the heart of Oslo. You are more then welcome to come by for some coffee, magic potions or a nice cool glass of lemonade on the rooftop garden during summertime.