Our role
UI/UX and branding

Your digital waiter at restaurants

We helped the Norwegian startup "Payrest" with the UI/UX design of their app. This quickly expanded to a full company branding.
The restaurant has an easy to use interface for adding and editing their menu. The customer has a full overview from the app.
With an integrated payment system the app is ready to use from both a consumer and business point of view.
In Norway the easiest way to pay is through the payment service vipps. By integrating it for both payment and login the user can get started almost instantly.
We tried to make the ordering process a nice and smooth experience with minimal clicking even for custom requests.
Payment system
Vipps integration
Full menu
Payrest contacted us while already in development of their mobile application. They had received some funding and started mapping out the process. Together we prototyped up a brand new version of the application and then we worked closely with their devolvement team in Estonia to take it from a visual prototype to finished product.
Along with the mobile application design they were in need of a complete branding for their company. We worked on the company branding simultaneously as we did the UI/UX design of their application. The two are naturally connected at an integral level so it felt natural to chisel out the branding along with the application.

Order at your own pace
With the Payrest application you never have to wait for service. Simply open the app and browse the menu at your own pace. Set your preferences and pay instantly. Your food will arrive shortly.
Your digital waiter
The goal of the Payrest application is to work in symbiosis with the staff. A digital waiter to help reduce their workload. The restaurant staff is still an important part of the restaurant experience and we did not want to take that away. We just want to reduce some of the stress so that they can focus on hospitality.
Creating the brand
Alkemist have great knowledge in their field and delivered top quality design. We can recommend them to everyone in need of solid design competence for their project.
Yngvar Andreassen
CEO Payrest
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