The Association for Safer Drug Policies

Our role

Branding, marketing campaigns, SoMe, websites +++

Replacing punishment with education, empathy, harm reduction and compassion
Through grassroots efforts, promotion of science and active involvement with policymakers, Safer Drug Policies, works to change today's harmful drug policies.
With this campaign our aim was to deliver accurate and science-based information about drugs without moralizing. By informing about the effects, risks and providing safety guidelines, we hope to minimise the harms of drug use.
Just say know
Before the campaign, we had also created English translations of the posters that were posted on social media. This allowed the campaign to spread incredibly fast through websites like "Reddit," where it reached the front page and generated thousands of comments. In the aftermath, we have translated the campaign into both Italian and Spanish for organizations that wanted to use it in their local channels, receiving praise from international players for a progressive campaign.
"Nice one vikings"
We use Alkemist for all our design work, whether it's websites, logos, brochures, advertising campaigns, or stage decorations. Incredibly, even after several years of collaboration, they manage to exceed our expectations every time!

- Ina Roll Spinnangr, Safer Drug Policies